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The Cloud and Machine2Machine: Managing Nuclear Energy

Managing Nuclear Energy Managing Nuclear Energy | Image Credit: Patrick Federi on Unsplash

Over the years technology has proven to be an able tool in the process of making life better. The computer, the smartphone, and even satellite service have all evolved to become a major part of our daily communication. However technology is making more of an impact on our world from personal communication into the medical field, transportation/logistics in government agencies with technical tools like Machine2Machine and the Cloud. These tools can be used to solve real global issues such as managing energy resources. As clean energy sources become a major global issue finding solutions that will limit pollutants has become a priority. One option for energy that makes up a total of 430 power plants in up to 30 countries is nuclear energy.

The once weapon of war now supplies nine countries with 40% of their electricity. ("Energy today,"). Nuclear energy when converted to electricity releases less harmful carbon dioxide. It has been detailed that carbon dioxide emissions are part of the pollutant destroying the ozone layer causing global warming. This global warming effect has caused changes to the climate in many countries throughout the years. The changes caused by emissions and pollutants along with the need to replenish the energy being used have many looking for energy options including options to use nuclear energy. Although the use of nuclear energy may be a viable choice however this energy has always been viewed as unstable and a possible terrorist issue. The idea of using some countries working with this material may cause political concern however the need for energy options across the globe may be the bigger concern for everyone. Machine2Machine and the Cloud may offer the control and security needed to effectively use nuclear energy as a viable option rather than a national risk.

Machine2Machine is a technology that connects devices wirelessly. The devices are connected through the internet and communicate with other set devices. Machine2Machine offers the ability to monitor the nuclear power plant remotely. This option would relieve the manpower required to physically monitor these units. This technology would also promote quicker and more accurate responses to issues that need resolution. Information and alerts can be transmitted to a central database for review and possible response. The Machine2Machine could possibly remove the human loss if any malfunction should occur.

The cloud would offer options for data storage tailored to suit the needs of housing the information to maintain the nuclear plant. Now that Google and other companies recognize the need for increased security required by a government agency the Cloud will offer a more efficient and cost-effective platform to manage the data. The new ISO 27001 received by Google along with being verified in SSAE 16 / ISAE 3402 audits and now having FISMA certification in 2011, the Cloud platform is ready for government use. ( Ingthorsson, 2012). This translates to a secure database to maintain the information for the active nuclear power plants around the world in various countries.

Machine2Machine and the Cloud would be the combined technology to make managing a nuclear power plant more secure and effective. This technology could also open the door to increase the use of this less harmful energy as well as increase research on effective ways to discard of any harmful waste. The new secure option may even encourage more research that is not related to any military. The concern of one country having access to a nuclear plant would possibly decrease with a signed energy agreement created and monitored by the UN. Nuclear energy that is managed using the combined technologies could possibly foster a new global agenda as scientists and technicians begin to work toward finding these alternative options together. The ability to remotely manage nuclear energy through a government secure Cloud would help to increase our energy choices eventually as well as decrease some of the harmful effects of other forms of energy. Once nuclear energy can be contained and monitored remotely, the possibilities for stability and less harm to surrounding communities would also increase.

The Cloud and Machine2Machine, a new technology for a new tomorrow.

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