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The ONE, the single-seater from Jetson eVTOL, is anticipated to be available soon

Jetson ONE, single-seater Jetson ONE, single-seater | Image Credit: Jetson Aero

In the United States, the single-seater Jetson One vehicle is termed "ultralight," indicating that it does not require a pilot's license to operate. For the cost of a Tesla Model S, you may acquire this flying machine. The Jetson ONE personal electric aerial vehicle from Sweden's eVTOL start-up has been unveiled. After making a prototype in 2018, Jetson Aero has now launched a consumer version of eVTOL, ONE. The firm's carefully-controlled production run for 2022, which quickly sold out, has already been exhausted. They are now accepting orders for the 2023 purchases, which will also be in short supply.

Peter Ternstrom and Tomasz Patan, the creators of this Swedish start-up, are dedicated to eVTOL aircraft. Over 150 businesses are developing their own "flying cars" in the eVTOL technology and commercial aerial transportation sector, but most are still in the development phase.

Jetson ONE
Jetson ONE
Jetson ONE
Jetson ONE
Jetson ONE
Jetson ONE

Image Credit: Jetson Aero 

With a starting price of around $92,000 in the United States, this little vehicle can be rather pricey. You'll get a half-built aircraft with an aluminum space frame, propellers and motors, an assembly manual, and motor controllers. This eVTOL can support up to 210 pounds of weight on its own and weighs only 190 pounds.

The ONE is an energy-efficient, high-performance machine. The ONE is made of carbon fiber. The carbon frame of the ONE is exceptionally light and resistant. The ONE allows for hands-free hovering, as well as emergency capabilities, providing you with peace of mind. The aerodynamics of the eVTOL is designed to be thin and feasible to improve weight distribution and driving. This beautiful bodywork is made through vacuum infusion manufacturing. This method allows for thin wall pieces that would otherwise be impossible with conventional technology.

The ONE comes with an all-aluminum frame, eight strong electric motors, safety features such as a ballistic parachute, and a backup propulsion system. The vehicle's movements may be managed by the pilot using a throttle lever, a joystick, and pedals. A triple-redundant flight computer program operates during flight to ensure stability. Lidar sensors on the eVTOL help with terrain tracking and obstacle avoidance. If the engine quits or the battery runs out of juice, the ballistic parachute can be deployed in a matter of seconds.

The ONE can fly for 20 minutes on a single charge, which is enough to reach speeds of up to 63 miles per hour. The ONE, on the other hand, appears to be a toy rather than a major multi-seat city air taxi, which may be interpreted as an advantage. Jetson combines outstanding performance with minimal environmental impact. Jetson's eVTOL is an eco-friendly aircraft that does not make any compromises and delivers great results at a reasonable price.

Jetson ONE, single-seater | Image Credit: Jetson Aero
Jetson ONE, single-seater | Image Credit: Jetson Aero

Ultralights are not considered airplanes by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which classifies them as "cars" that do not need to follow the U.S. or foreign airworthiness standards. Ultralight planes are frequently used for pleasure. These vehicles are not allowed to fly in a city's congested airspace (nor will it assist you in avoiding traffic) or restricted air space such as airports. Nighttime hours of flying are also another restriction.

By 2022, a total of 12 Jetson One devices will be built, with 12 sold to clients in Europe, the United States, and Brazil. In the production timetable for 2023, there will be 17 produced, but just three will be available for purchase. Starting in 2022, Jetson will begin making the ONE for the year's lineup, which will be supplied later that fall.


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