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Spring 2014 Christian Dior

Spring 2014 Christian Dior Spring 2014 Christian Dior

The fashion industry is a cutthroat world. Designers have to put in long hours, often work seven days a week, and go through multiple rounds of edits to get their designs on the racks for customers. One designer who has made it look easy is Christian Dior. His Spring Summer 2014 show was nothing short of spectacular! From the models' flawless makeup and hair to the impeccable styling from Karl Templer's team, every detail was very meticulously thought out.

The fashion show was very well done and the clothes were beautiful. I most enjoyed the colorful skirts paired with floral print jackets. What a fun combination! I will admit, one of my favorite outfits of the show was when they dressed one of the models in an angle-cut top with pleats in the back. That added detail made me smile because it is so hard to find unique clothes these days.

Christian Dior is a French fashion designer who has been in business for over 70 years, and his Spring Fashion 2014 is a collection that will be hard to miss. Spring fashion has been coming into focus, and we all know Spring Fashion Week is here once again, bringing the beautiful spring season into our homes.

Christian Dior's Spring Fashion 2014 collection consisted of shimmering opaque skirts, shorts with bold floral prints, and lots of fashion-forward angle cut jackets to accent any office attire. The show gave the audience an array of pencil skirts with unique pleats and jackets designed with joyful pleats in the back to add a splash of fun to any exit. What a perfect way to add some heat to your winter wardrobe than with Christian Dior!

The first looks came complete with striking black tops and bright colored skirts that looked as though it should be Spring any day now. Spring fashion can be challenging when it comes to what to wear, but Christian Dior Spring Fashion 2014 has you covered with Spring colors that will keep Spring in your step until Summer.

Christian Dior was born in 1905 and died in 1957, but his legacy lives on today. His first significant collection debuted at the end of 1947. Christian Dior is known for being one of the most influential designers of the 20th century, known for his extreme attention to detail, use of structured design, and the harmony of colors. The Fashion Week 2014 collection was his namesake Christian Dior's way of celebrating 90 years since he first opened up shop, and the high-end fashion label did not disappoint. Christian Dior Spring Fashion 2014 is all about flirty skirts, unique jackets that add angles to your look, and fun, bold floral print that inject life into any office attire.

The show kicked off with a series of skirts in some seriously fabulous turns and attractive pleats. 
Some dresses featured unique pleats on the front, while others had them at the back with some dramatic cuts for added effect. There were also plenty of punches of color, such as electric blue and deep purple, on some of the more formal pieces, which would suit an evening function or dinner out in Spring 2014.

This season's most popular colors include pastels such as soft baby pink and deep yellow tulips, which accentuate bright blues. Those who love edgier looks have been given a reprieve from all seriousness.

The show came to a close with beautiful gowns that sparkle with all the vintage glamour to add a touch of royalty to the evening.


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