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Made for two, the Air One is a new personal aircraft that may be parked in the garage

 Air One is a new personal aircraft Air One is a new personal aircraft | Image Credit: AIR

The personal plane reaches a top speed of 155 mph and a cruising range of 110 miles. Are you searching for a new method to travel and have fun? We understand how inconvenient it is to travel from one point to another. Imagine being able to fly over rush hour traffic on your way home from work or traveling out of town with a friend without having to worry about how much parking at the airport will cost.

Air One is the perfect solution to your problem. The personal aircraft can hold up to two people and has a cruising range of 110 miles. The Air One takes off vertically, which helps reduce noise pollution in cities because it doesn't require a runway for takeoff or landing. With its high-speed capabilities, this personal aircraft will make traveling more fun than ever before. The inside of the plane is pretty much like any other car, complete with bucket seats and an infotainment system that connects you to the outside world through Wi-Fi or 3G connections.

Air One is a new personal aircraft | Image Credit: AIR

You'll never have to wait at another bus stop or railway station again. You won't have to be concerned about traffic bottlenecks or getting delayed by sluggish drivers. The One is an electric two-person aircraft from Israeli startup Air, created for personal enjoyment. Unlike other private planes, it doesn't need you to rent out hangar space since it has foldable wings and can take off and land vertically. It has no tail, rudder, or propellers to maximize safety and minimize noise pollution.

Air One is a new personal aircraft | Image Credit: AIR

The Air One is a personal aircraft that may also fly and land like a helicopter. This aircraft has eight rotors on two pods positioned at either the front or rear of the fixed-wing design, which is powered by both propellers and jets for greater power when required. The future of personal transportation is now. This sleek, two-seater eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) is the next generation in air travel. The eVTOL's cabin is designed to unfold like a clamshell, allowing both passengers to operate the cockpit. There's also a glass-bottom so you can look around. When its wings are lowered for storage, the company says it will occupy just one location in a two-car garage.

This is an aircraft that will allow you to feel what it's like to fly. This tiny plane can do it all. A "fly by intent" control system will be included in the One. This makes flying simple and accessible for everyone, but you'll still require a license if doing so in an emergency or when flying alone. There's no need to fly anything else because Airs AI monitoring systems perform inspections on their own based on data collected from prior flights.

Air One is a new personal aircraft | Image Credit: AIR

The Air flight plan is taking shape. Air is one step closer to putting an aircraft into commercial production, which will provide customers with what they want: low-cost air travel that is available everywhere and at any time. The business is in the process of working with the FAA and has already submitted an application that will allow them to operate. The One is not yet available for purchase, but you may pre-order one on the company's website now.

Air isn't alone, though. In this new, exciting market for personal eVTOLs (it's pronounced "e-VTOLE"), it's not uncommon to see companies race to be the first. There are now greater alternatives for customized transportation. The Ultimate Personalization has been unveiled by Ifly, which offers a sleek-looking craft with several futuristic features such as voice-activated navigation software that allows you to depart from anywhere without requiring any certification or specialized training.

Meanwhile, Tetra in Japan aims to produce an affordable and long-lasting option by 2019, with a potential release date of 2020 or 2021, depending on funding. The "Mk5" electric airplane, for example, is a tetra-electric model that can be built by yourself and doesn't require fuel or costly maintenance expenses to run.

Innovation never stops, as new ideas appear all around us daily. As technology progresses at such a rapid pace, there will undoubtedly be many more new inventions in the near future. Let's all keep an eye out for them. There are many more exciting things to come.

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