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George Zimmerman: Interview with CNN Chris Cuomo Speaks About His Life Since The Trial

George Zimmerman: Interview with CNN Chris Cuomo George Zimmerman: Interview with CNN Chris Cuomo | Image Credit: CNN

In the interview, Zimmerman discusses his life since the trial and some of the racism he has had to endure. He talks about how he hopes to get back into society and find work that will allow him to help people while also making a living for himself. He also talks about his recent racist encounter with some teenagers who had told him to "go home."

George Zimmerman is a free man, acquitted of the murder of Trayvon Martin on July 13th. It has been almost two years since his acquittal, and George has had to deal with the aftermath that it left behind. The media in George has painted him to be a monster and not allow him the opportunity for redemption. He spoke with CNN's Chris Cuomo and talked about whether or not he had been able to move on from being acquitted of the murder of Trayvon Martin. George Zimmerman spoke about if he was racist towards blacks, how difficult it is to find a job. George Zimmerman also talked about what happened when some teenagers told him to go home and how he would like to get back into society.

Years have passed since George Zimmerman decided to follow and kill Trayvon Martin. The trial is over, and Zimmerman could walk away from the event and continue with his life. Some would consider it appropriate for Zimmerman to stay out of the media. However, this is not the reality of what has happened in days and months following the verdict. Zimmerman has maintained some media interaction quite frequently, attracting the spotlight for speeding, domestic violence issues, as well as selling his artistic creation. Zimmerman has been updated to " celebrity " status after being seen in the media nearly as much as popular reality stars. Zimmerman has been updated to "celebrity" status.

George Zimmerman was found not guilty in 2013 for the murder of Trayvon Martin. He had been chasing Martin before his death. Zimmerman has since gone into hiding, but he did speak with CNN's Chris Cuomo about his life since the trial.

It has been a year later since George Zimmerman was acquitted of the Murder charge for the death of Trayvon Martin. George Zimmerman has been living relatively everyday life with his wife and family. He is also able to interact with the public at large without any issues due to the trial. Some of them have come up to him and thanked him for doing what he did, and some people may not agree.

George Zimmerman will be in a celebrity boxing match | Image Credit: CNN

It was announced on social media that George Zimmerman will be taking part in a celebrity boxing match. George Zimmerman has been auctioning off the opportunity to fight him in a boxing match. All money raised will go to help with the legal fees for Zimmerman's murder trial.

CNN's Chris Cuomo sat down with George Zimmerman to discuss the aftermath of the trial. Throughout this interview, they discuss how he has lived his life since his acquittal and what it feels like most people don't believe him about telling the truth about what happened.

George Zimmerman: Interview with CNN Chris Cuomo | Image Credit: CNN

Recently, George Zimmerman had an interview on CNN where Chris Cuomo spoke about his life since the trial. He talked about how he has been successful in his job as a college lecturer, doing well in school, and feels sorry for Trayvon Martin's parents. In addition, he said that he is sorry for what happened but doesn't regret anything that occurred during the altercation.

Chris Cuomo asked George Zimmerman about the events surrounding the altercation which led to Mr. Martin's death. Zimmerman said, "I certainly was a victim too when I was getting his head bashed into the concrete and his nose broken and beaten, so I wouldn't say I'm not a victim."

Now George Zimmerman is a "celebrity." The new status has gained even more attention as he prepared for a celebrity boxing match. It is incredible to think a person can commit murder and be catapulted to some type of hero. The boxing match was canceled after a petition was generated to stop the event. Chris Cuomo, a reporter from CNN, was able to catch up with Zimmerman to shed light on what he would like people to know.

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