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Blair Griffith, Miss America Contestant - Her Struggle Behind The Pageant

Blair Griffith, Miss America Contestant Blair Griffith, Miss America Contestant

In life, things may not be what we want them to be or happen in the order we choose. We can devise the best plan of action to achieve our goals, however, even the best plan can be shaken by an obstacle or two. When this happens what do you do? Well, Blair Griffith didn't allow circumstances of life to curtail her dreams of winning a beauty pageant and a chance at becoming Miss America.

Blair Griffith started on the road to her dream of being crowned Miss Colorado and eventually Miss America after encouragement from her father. Her father became sick and later passed away from prostate cancer. At this point, Blair's journey in the pageant process became incredibly difficult and when most would give up, she did not. Blair was supported still by her mother who was now a single mother of two. New troubles began to mount against the single mother which eventually lead to her having a heart attack. Surgery and required medications depleted any savings or income available to the family. In the meantime, Blair continued her journey to becoming Miss Colorado. After years of competition, she did realize her goal and was crowned Miss Colorado. Next step, Miss America!

Blair Griffith, Miss America Contestant

Now as Miss Colorado the vision to her goal became more clear. However, after only a month, Blair and her family were evicted from their home. A major stumbling block in the road for Blair. This stumbling block could have been a reason to give up on her dream, but somehow Blair found the courage to keep focused on her goal. Although Blair Griffith was not crowned Miss America 2011, she is still an inspiration showing the greatness of hope in what could have been a hopeless situation.

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