The Trial of Michael Dunn in the Murder of Jordan Davis

The Trial of Michael Dunn in the Murder of Jordan Davis

Jury finds Michael Dunn guilty on 4 of 5 counts

It all started on November 23 of 2012, when Michael Dunn argued with 17-year-old Jordan Davis over loud music. Dunn pulled into a Florida gas station parking area with his fiancé next to a parked red Dodge Durango playing loud music. After Dunn's fiancé exited the car and headed for the store, Dunn asked the boys to turn down the music. At some point, an argument ensued followed by Dunn firing gunshots at the boys in the truck. The fiancé comes out of the store when Dunn yells for her to get in the car and the two flee from the scene.

After viewing the car leave the scene, the boys who were in the truck come back to the parking area and call 911 for assistance as their friend lay dying in their arms. The police arrive on the scene where a witness happened to take down the license plate number of the car of the gunman leaving the area. The police began investigating the truck and the surrounding area where no weapons were found. The following day police were able to catch up with Michael Dunn to further investigate the murder of Jordan Davis. A man now claiming self-defense explains fear as the justification for shooting ten shots at the teens, nine of which hit the truck and several of the shots fired at the teens they tried to escape. In all of this madness and fear, the gunman never once called the police for assistance.

It has been over a year since the event unfolded taking the life of young Jordan Davis and after nearly four days of deliberation, the jury was able to reach a guilty verdictguilty verdict for all counts except the murder of this teenager. Michael Dunn was found guilty of three counts of attempted 2nd-degree murder for the three boys in the truck with Jordan Davis and one count for discharging a firearm. Although the charge of 1st-degree murder was declared a mistrial, prosecutors will be given another opportunity to prove their case against Dunn on a date to be determined sometime in March of 2014. There is a victory in knowing this man will not be given his firearm and sent back on the street to continue his life as normal. In the meantime, the family of Jordan Davis has vowed to wait patiently for a conviction in the murder of their son, when justice will finally be served.


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