Technology and the Business Evolution

Technology and the Business Evolution

Whoever decides to dedicate their life to politics knows that earning money isn't the top priority

Technology extends through various fields in business, creating and perfecting systems to make life easier. However, with technology come evolutionary changes taking everything in life to new levels giving students and business professionals a lot to look forward to in the years ahead. So what does this constant change translate to in the real world? What do these changes mean to the individual looking to start a business in the field of technical design? Entrepreneur and technical designer Shane Cox has taken a moment to share some insight on business and evolving technology.

New possibilities have opened in business thanks, in part, to advances in technology. Communication is an area directly affected by changes in technology, taking the telephone conversation mobile and exploding into a vast array of networking tools. Now business owners and marketing professionals have many avenues to reach new and existing customers. The changes in networking have opened up new marketing possibilities for business, however, this communication has cleared a path for consumers as well. "Networking has also made more information accessible through the internet and mobile technology for the consumer," states Shane Cox. "On the business side, small business did not always have access to the old broadcast technology (radio and TV) due to limited resources. These changes in communication made it easier for the small business to use the internet as a less expensive option to reach customers," Mr. Cox continues.

Advances in technology afforded the opportunity for small companies and entrepreneurs alike to compete in the business arena with more force. More competition in business translates to more options for the consumer. Technology has definitely made an impact on communication and those changes have trickled over to technical design as well. When asked about technology and technical design, Mr. Cox looks to the window just above his computer then smiles as he explains, "technology has made the technical design simpler and has given more access to online collaboration." "These changes," continued Mr. Cox, has made it so the professional can be separated from the novice or the beginner." Before the evolutionary changes in technology, for example, most documentation in web design was done in static HTML; now on a professional level designs are dynamically scripted." 

There have been many changes in technology and many more are on the way, so what can we expect? Future possibilities are limitless when it comes to technology. "The changes coming will expand on the collaboration between professionals," according to Shane Cox. In the past designers had to rely on companies like Microsoft to create any of the software that was required. This process of relying on big companies for software proved to be extremely limiting to designers. After years of frustration dealing with the old process, a group of designers decided to create what is now Open Source. Collaboration between design professionals to get what they need in a supportive, networking environment will keep the door open to a world of possibilities. Thanks to the evolutionary growth in technology, the limits of what could be are endless.

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