Natalie Randolph, Calvin Coolidge High School Football Coach

Natalie Randolph, Calvin Coolidge High School Football Coach

Natalie Randolph

Ms. Natalie Randolph has become the second woman in the nation's history to hold the position as the Head Coach for a Varsity High School football team. At the tender age of 29, she is presently the only woman in the nation to hold the position.

Calvin Coolidge High School has embraced their Biology and Environmental Science teacher. Their support has been tremendous. Behind the scenes, she did met with some of the players to answer any questions that they may have had. Overall, it appears that a warm embrace is present.

Her love for the game of football goes back to her early childhood. In high school, she actually wanted to play, but her father told her no. She moved on to college and participated in Track and Field.

Returning from college her love for football lead her to tryout for a woman's professional football team in DC. Holding the position of Wide Receiver, she helped the DC Divas clinch the title in 2006. In total, Natalie played 6 seasons. Her former team mates made mention, "Don't let her soft spoken personality fool you. She's as tough as nails!"

When asked of the obstacles she anticipated before her, she admitted that teaching was more challenging. Being one to hold high expectations for herself and always being a hard working, her first game on August 27, 2010 should be a great showing.

On behalf of IDEA Media, we salute you and wish you nothing but the best.

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